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Let us take you on a wildlife journey; whether its watching polar bears in Svalbard, helping to conserve the pink dolphin on a volunteering holiday in the Amazon, or taking a trek to see gorillas in Uganda. If you have a passion for wildlife then we will have the safari just for you. We can offer a wildlife watching experience with the most luxurious accommodation in the world or on walking safaris combined with wild camping.

Whether is it photographing wildlife you are interested in or just the sheer thrill of experiencing elephants on foot, our personalised service is second to none, tying in hotels, flights, and authentic experiences and upgrades to ensure you get the most unique holiday possible. Our wildlife adventures are offered through high quality tour operators and we can tailor any trip to your exacting requirements with all of the extras you could possibly imagine for a truly breath taking wildlife experience.

For some inspiration we have hand picked our 7 wildlife wonders that we think everyone should experience.

Kenya’s Masai Mara

Each year about 2 million wildebeest, zebra and gazelle follow the rains in search of fresh grass. In doing this they have to cross the Mara River, this is an amazing spectacle, no experience we have had has topped watching 10’s of thousands of wildebeest crossing the river, running the gauntlet of crocodiles and just the shear force of the river. Once safe on the other side there is also no rest bite as the herds are tracked by the local lion prides.

Polar bears

Experience an extraordinary Artic landscape with glaciers, bird cliffs, fjords and wonderful wildlife, enough to quench the explorer in you. Svalbard acts as a polar bear refuge and almost 3000 polar bears now inhabited the island

If you want to travel further afield to Canada we can also arrange tours to the Tundra of Churchill or you could visit Baffin Island and not only see Polar bears but the beautiful Narwhals.

Okavango delta

The Okavango Delta is the largest inland river delta in the world, it is formed where the Okavango river reaches a natural trough in the Kalahari Desert.

You can enjoy wildlife from the comfort of your lodge, on a mokoro boat trip, on foot or in a 4×4 safari vehicle. There are many different levels of accommodation available from pure luxury with plane or helicopter transfers and individual swimming pools with views of the delta, to unfenced tented camps. Trips to the Okavango are easy to add to trips to the Victoria Falls and Chobe National Park.


Tigers are facing unprecedented pressures from land encroachment and the devastating effects of poaching for the ludicrous ancient medicine trade, leaving a question mark over the future of this magnificent animal.

However due to some spectacular efforts by charities, conservationists and tourism we are still lucky to be able to still see tigers in the wild. India is the best place to see tigers with an estimated population of around 2000, more than 4x the number of any other country. Tadoba National Park in India holds a special place for us as this is where we encountered our first wild Tigers.


Rwanda and Uganda are the best places to see Gorillas (although there are some truly stunning options to be had in the Democratic Republic of Congo for the even more adventurous!). #

These trips can require quite lengthy and challenging treks into the jungle, but the breath-taking scenery and once in a lifetime experience at the end will make it an adventure you will never forget.

The permits can be expensive for these trips, but all that money goes back into conserving these magnificent creatures so it is more than worth the cost.

Penguins in Antarctica

The ultimate wilderness destination, small groups are now allowed to travel to this pristine continent, where once only well planned pioneering expeditions would have travelled.

This means that we can now provide you with a tailor made adventure to see the stunning wildlife and breath-taking scenery.


Visit somewhere out of the ordinary, with many of the species that call this islands home being like no other in the world. The landscapes are like something from another planet and the biodiversity of these islands is exceptional. Did you see the footage of the young marine iguanas being hunted by racer snakes on the opening programme of Planet Earth 2, well that was filmed on the Galapagos!

How to respect wildlife on your trips

One of the things we have learnt from extensive safaris over the years is that time is the most important factor to take into account to allow you to observe wildlife and to witness the best behaviour. If you do a short safari and want to see everything in a very short period, it can put pressure on your guides to fulfill your expectations which can leave you rushing from sighting to sighting and not really appreciating what you are seeing. Take your time, spend less time travelling to different parks and spend more time sitting observing, photographing and enjoying the animals you have travelled to see. Get up early and be out at first light, not only do you get the best light of the day for photographing anything you see, but also you are more likely to see animals as they are often on the move at this part of the day.

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