We started our family over 4 years ago and we have continued to travel. Our oldest son had his first travel experience at nine months old when we travelled through Botswana and Namibia on an epic safari.

We believe there are many reasons why travelling with your children can be really rewarding for all of you and why you should let us find the perfect family holiday for you.

Travelling with children can be challenging at times and if it is your first time travelling as a family you may have to do things slightly differently, but that doesn’t make the adventure any less enjoyable. In fact seeing destinations through the eyes of your children often opens your eyes to experiencing the world at a slower pace and from a different perspective. Children are often fascinated by very small things, and take time to notice the world around them in a way that we have forgotten.

There are a great number of options for family travel and some of our favorite destinations include:

USA – for theme parks, winter sun and road trips.

Morocco – Essaouira – a port city, more laid back experience than Marrakech and a great introduction to Africa.

Finnish Lapland – the perfect Christmas retreat.

Thailand – From exquisite temples, to long sandy beaches.

Vietnam – a land of adventure and natural wonders

The French alps – some of the best ski resorts, catering for all levels of expertise.

South Africa – a great malaria free safari experience.


Please book an appointment with your travel nurse and she will advise you on what vaccinations you and your children will need for your holiday.

Some vaccinations require several injections over several weeks/months, so make sure that this is something that you do sooner rather than later.

Travel documents.

Your children will need a valid passport and some destinations may require a visa.

If you are travelling to South Africa as part of a move to prevent children trafficking, all children need to travel with an unabridged birth certificate as well as their passport. If they are travelling with a relative other than their parents, then an affidavit from their parents will need to accompany the children.

We can find accommodation tailored for your needs as a family, with itineraries to suit children of all ages.  Our personalised service is second to none, tying in hotels, flights, authentic experiences and upgrades to ensure you get the most unique holiday possible.

It would be an absolute pleasure to plan a family holiday you won’t forget so please call, email or complete the contact form on our website and let us take care of the planning for you.